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What are the stats for the top social media sites?

Here are some stats to help you plan your social marketing campaigns. Which sites do people love, where do they spend most of their time? Which sites are booming and which ones are declining? Here are some numbers for 2020.

What is the biggest social media site?

No surprise there; Facebook is still the social media behemoth, with over two and a half billion people signed up around the world. Nearly 75% of high income earners use Facebook. Over 300 million people use Facebook stories daily but Instagram dwarves that with 500 million people using Instagram stories daily and two million advertisers.

Which social media site is growing the fastest?

Graph of fastest growing social media sites

Tik Tok has had a huge year, especially in India where the app was downloaded 611 million times and accounts for about 30% of the apps total downloads. This might come to a nasty end though as the Indian government has just banned the app. This is the new darling of social media with 41% of users are aged between 16 and 24.

Snapchat and Pinterest have also had huge years massively increasing their fan base. 

How many daily users do they get?

Social media graph

The are now more people who use social media than don’t in the world. Over half the world’s population is glued to a screen at any given moment. Facebook dwarves everyone else with nearly 1.8 billion daily users.

Average minutes per user - which site gets the most love?

There are 20 million friend requests a day on Facebook, over 350 million photos are shared every single day with people coming back over and over again during the day. 

The average video on YouTube is 10 minutes long but it will only be viewed for, on average, 5 minutes.

In the USA, 80% of women aged 18-64 with children are on Pinterest – moms are mad about pinning.